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What does UwU mean? UwU examples and style guide

Definition of UwU (what is UwU?)

“UwU” is an emoticon that is used to express affection or happiness. It is often associated with the cute, soft aesthetic found in “kawaii” culture or anything that inspires a warm, happy feeling. The “U”s represent closed eyes, while the “w” signifies a small, content mouth.

In text communication, “UwU” can also represent a reaction to something heartwarming or adorable. It’s typically used in online conversations on platforms like social media, chat rooms, or in video games.

OWO anime emoji cute anime wallpaper background

Example of UwU Style

Using the UwU style of communication involves a distinctively cute and exaggerated manner of speaking or typing. It often includes phonetic spellings, repeated vowels, or letters for added emphasis and cuteness, and the insertion of emoticons like “UwU” or “OwO”. This style of communication is often used in online communities that appreciate kawaii culture, anime, or fanfiction, but it’s generally used in lighthearted and casual contexts.

Here is an UwU example:

“Hewwo evewyone! UwU I just finished watching the latest episode of my favowite anime, and it was just so adowable! (>Ο‰<) The main charactew was suuuper kawaii, and they made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Γ“wΓ’ Can’t wait for the next episode! Teehee ~(^Π·^)-β˜†”

In this example, the UwU style is evident in the replacement of “r”s and “l”s with “w”s, the use of emoticons, and the overall tone of the message. It’s important to note that while this style can be fun and endearing, it’s best used in contexts where it’s understood and appreciated.

OWO anime emoji cute anime wallpaper background

Here’s a playful, over-the-top example of UwU speak:

“Hiii~! OwO Hewwoooo there my super adorabwe and cutesy friendos! I hope you’re having the most wondewful day, filled with sunshine, wainbows, and glittewy unicorns! UwU I just finished watching the most recent episode of my ultra-favowite anime! (βˆ©ΛƒoΛ‚βˆ©)β™‘ It was soooooo full of exciting adventuwes and heart-melting moments, I couldn’t stop squealing in delight~ hehe!

The main character-kun looked so kawaii in his new outfit, my heart went doki-doki, and I felt as if I was enveloped in the softest, fluffiest marshmallow cloud. ≧◑≦ And omigosh, when he smiled, I swear it was brighter than all the stars in the Tokyo sky! (〃ω〃) My heart was filled with so much love and joy, it was about to explode into a million sparkly hearts!

Ugh, waiting for the next episode is gonna be torture, but I know it’ll be worth it! (>_<) In the meantime, I’m gonna cuddle with my plushies and daydream about all the super kawaii moments. Tehe~ >Ο‰< Let’s all keep spreading the love and cuteness in this big wide world, okay? Okay! Love you all to the moon and back! (β™‘Β°β–½Β°β™‘)

Remember, keep being your cute, amazing selves, and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! UwU”

OWO anime emoji cute anime wallpaper background

This example is packed with excessive cuteness, the phonetic spelling characteristic of UwU speak, emoticons, and lots of enthusiasm! Remember, UwU speak is meant to be fun and not taken too seriously. Enjoy expressing yourself in this unique and playful manner!