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What's a Waifu?

Contrary to what many reports or websites will have you believe, the meaning of the term waifu has a different meaning to a diverse group of people. When it first became a thing in 4chan almost a decade ago, perhaps the meaning was quite similar across the Otaku fandom. However, the meaning and the people who use it today, have evolved to proclaim modern interpretation. When the term first originated from the scene in Azumanga Daioh, to anime lovers, it meant a female non-live action character in which one has a romantic attraction or affection towards. However, today the term is used to refer to anything from your favorite female characters from a non-live based action series to one in which you have anything but platonic feelings towards. A waifu is a character that resonates with you on a deeply emotional level.

Why generate a Waifu?

Having a waifu is more of a pre-requisite for being a part of the Otaku culture. But why generate a waifu using any of the waifu generators out there? Why not just pick one from any of my favorite non-live action series, you may ask? The answer is this. As an Otaku, new or old, you probably have a couple of characters you currently are attracted to or that you call “best character”. Imagine having to pick just one snack from a buffet. The choice can be overwhelming. It’s the same for picking a waifu by yourself. A legitimate Waifu maker can take these into account and help you build your very own waifu.

How to get the 'best Waifu'?

Having the best waifu means finding a character that you can truly connect with or that matches your personality to the “T.” Otaku fans online typically address this situation as a waifu choosing you and not vice versa. When choosing a waifu manually, you probably have to watch tons of Take a look at Anime art, or play a lot of video games to find that one character that intrigues or fascinates you. However, that might also never happen. However, instead of burning that number of hours to find a fictional significant other, the ideal way to get the best waifu is by using the right waifu creator to make these Anime characters, like a lab for Waifu’s.

Are Waifu's collectable?

Collectibles defined by oxford is an item valued and sort by collectors. To retain its value, collectibles have be considered valuable by a number of persons. Collectors are basically rich people who collect rich cultural artifacts as personal stocks. Waifu on the other hand refers to your best girl or one who bears the qualities of your significant other. Its only value is to the individual who considers it a waifu. And, since each waifu is specific to an Otaku fan, each waifu value can only be associated with a particular individual or a few. This means that in no way are waifu considered collectibles. It wouldn't be considered a valued piece if only the collector considers the item as valuable.

Could you actually date a Waifu?

People tend to take the term waifu too literally. A waifu isn’t supposed to take over your life in a literal sense. It is just a way to leave the real world and its problems and fantasize for a bit. While you can date a waifu, its should only be for fun. You still need an actual girlfriend. You know, one that resides in the real world. One you can actually talk to and maybe out with. If you are dating someone who is also part of the Otaku culture, you can very well have a real date as well as a waifu.

Could i generate multiple Waifu's with WaifuForLaifu?

You can generate as many waifu’s as you want with WaifuForLaifu’s random waifu generator. All you have to do is repeat the process as many times you like. So, if you do not like the waifu you get after every generation, you can always do it again until you attain perfection. Typically, your first waifu generation will always appeal to you. However, should in case it doesn’t, WaifuForLaifu makes it possible for you to do it as many times as you please till you are satisfied with your delivery or should you need multiple waifus.