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Waifu Generator (best AI image anime makers)

Hey there! We actually started this whole site around our AI image generator, which at one time was pretty great. However, recently we tried updating it to a public-facing gallery, and it immediately got spammed with porn. There are tons of new AI-art generative tools with stellar results, but it can expensive and difficult to run and host them… plus there are much better models available. So for the moment, we’ve taken our waifu generator down until we’ve found a better solution.

In the meantime however, we will discuss the best free and paid image generators and tools you can use to create your own anime waifus; and we’ll also be creating our own enormous gallery of cute anime waifus for you to scroll through. Maybe we’ll even set something up like a “roll-the-dice” giveaway where everybody can win their own personal, unique anime waifu.

For now, I’ll give you some great examples of AI generated, gorgeous waifus and fan art from popular anime, as well as the exact prompts we’ve used for best results and diverse styles, so you can get started on your own waifu collection.

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What’s a waifu?

Contrary to what many reports or websites will have you believe, the meaning of the term waifu has a different meaning to a diverse group of people. When it first became a thing in 4chan almost a decade ago, perhaps the meaning was quite similar across the Otaku fandom. However, the meaning and the people who use it today have evolved to proclaim modern interpretation. When the term first originated from the scene in Azumanga Daioh, to anime lovers, it meant a female non-live action character in which one has a romantic attraction or affection towards. However, today the term is used to refer to anything from your favorite female characters from a non-live based action series to one in which you have anything but plutonic feelings towards. A waifu is a character that resonates with you on a deeply emotional level.

Why generate a waifu?

Having a waifu is more of a prerequisite for being a part of the Otaku culture. But why generate a waifu using any of the waifu generators out there? Why not just pick one from any of my favorite non-live action series, you may ask? The answer is this. As an Otaku, new or old, you probably have a couple of characters you currently are attracted to or that you call “best character”. Imagine having to pick just one snack from a buffet. The choice can be overwhelming. It’s the same for picking a waifu by yourself. A legitimate Waifu maker can take these into account and help you build your very own waifu.

How to get the best waifu?

Having the best waifu means finding a character that you can truly connect with or that matches your personality to the “T”. Otaku fans online typically address this situation as a waifu choosing you and not vice versa. When choosing a waifu manually, you probably have to watch tons of Anime art, or play a lot of video games that intrigue or fascinate you. However, that might also never happen. Instead of burning a number of hours to find a fictional significant other, the ideal way to get the best waifu is by using the right waifu creator to make these Anime characters, like a lab for Waifus.

Are Waifu’s collectible?

Collectibles defined by Oxford is an item valued and sorted by collectors. To retain its value, collectibles have to be considered valuable by a number of persons. Collectors are basically rich people who collect rich cultural artifacts as person stocks. Waifu on the other hand refers to your best girl or one who bears the qualities of your significant other. Its only value is to the individual who considers it a waifu. And since each waifu is specific to an Otaku fan, each waifu value can be associated with a particular individual or a few. This means that in no way are waifu considered collectibles. It wouldn’t be considered a valued piece if only the collector considers the item as valuable.

Can I generate multiple waifus?

You can generate as many waifus as you want with WaifuforLaifu’s random waifu generator. All you have to do is repeat the process as many times as you like. So, if you do not like the waifu you get after every generation, you can always do it again until you attain perfection. Typically, your first waifu generation will always appeal to you. However, should in case it doesn’t, WaifuForLaifu makes it possible for you to do it as many times as you please till you are satisfied with your delivery or should you need multiple waifus.

Can you actually date a waifu?

People tend to take the term waifu too literally. A waifu isn’t supposed to take over your life in a literal sense. It is just a way to leave the real world and its problems and fantasize for a bit. While you can date a waifu, it should only be for fun. You still need an actual girlfriend. You know, one that resides in the real world. One you can actually talk to and maybe make out with. If you are dating someone who is also a part of Otaku culture, you can very well have a real date as well as a waifu.

Best AI anime and waifu generators

When you think of AI-based anime art generators, three platforms probably dance their way into your mind’s eye: Midjourney, DALL-E 2 by OpenAI, and Stable Diffusion. Each of these fantastic platforms waltzes eloquently with AI technology to produce images of such high quality that would make any traditional image-gen method hang its head in jealousy.

Let’s talk about Midjourney first. This one has been throwing the anime world into a tizzy, all thanks to the super sharp and detailed images it produces. And guess what! No traditional paintbrushes or pens here. It operates from Discord, giving you four spectacular images per prompt—you wouldn’t believe they’re not tear-out pages from your favourite manga! Mind you, though, this isn’t a free ride. You’ll have to shell out at least $8 a month, but trust me, honey, it’s worth every penny!

Then we have DALL-E 2 by OpenAI, notorious in the best way for speed and accuracy. This one uses credit as currency. Lucky you if you managed to snag a registration before April 6, 2023—free credits for you! But others will have to cough up a minimum sum of $15. But hey, you’re getting four images per credit, so that’s a beautiful bargain!

Now let’s twirl over to Stable Diffusion, the genius behind MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine. Give it 10 to 25 photos, and ba-da-bing! You’ve got a portrait showcasing your different eras. And you can whip up to 160 images using 20 different themes. Not exactly pocket-change, I agree, but there are moments when you can use it for free, amidst coughing up a $12 full usage cost.

Now, while none of these platforms zoom in on anime art specifically, they can definitely deliver in this area. Want to watch your anime dreams take form? Just input specific prompts related to your anime character or scene obsessions.

Most recent changes noted, you ask? Well, DALL-E 2 by OpenAI has been marching strong, thanks to its advanced capabilities and easy availability. However, the spotlight is slowly shifting to Bing Image Creator, which has been noticed for producing higher quality images than DALL-E 2’s. Microsoft’s darling runs on a more advanced version of DALL-E and, sweetie, it’s free to use. You just need to flutter your Microsoft account details and you’re in!

On a little side-note, if you fancy anime art cravings, darling, you need to hang out at DeviantArt, Pixiv, or even Reddit subreddits. These hotspots are perfect for anime artists who share their work and hunt for feedback—the ideal inspiration bucket for your AI-generated art. For specific text-to-image prompts for anime, darling, remember clear, detailed descriptions! The more explicit you get about the scene or character you want to generate, the better your AI tool will deliver.

Remember, this is a glimpse into the vast universe of AI anime art generators. Your results might vary, and a little experimentation with different prompts and settings will go a long way in finding out what works best for you. Capiche? Now, happy animating, sweetie!

An insult to life itself.

Hayao Miyazaki

Many traditional anime artists are still working with more conventional methods and might not have expressed their thoughts on AI art. However, Hayao Miyazaki, the legendary anime creator and mastermind behind Studio Ghibli, once expressed his views on AI-generated animation, albeit in a broader context, in an interview shown in the documentary, “NHK Special: Hayao Miyazaki — The One Who Never Ends.”

Miyazaki referred to AI animations as “an insult to life itself,” highlighting a disconnect he feels between artificial intelligence and the authenticity of human creativity and experience. It’s important to note here that this statement isn’t about AI-generated anime art in the way we are discussing; nevertheless, it’s an interesting perspective from a highly respected figure in the anime world.

We’re working on our own AI image generator, which we will eventually post on this page, but *right now* our AI waifu image generator is down. Apologies!