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Guilty Crown Anime: The Burden of Power and a Tune You Can’t Forget

“Guilty Crown” holds a special place in my heart, and not just because it has one of the most unforgettable soundtracks in anime history (my playlist thanks you, Supercell). I remember the first time I watched it, curled up on a beanbag in a corner of a bustling Tokyo cafe, sipping on my matcha latte. The cafe was located in Akihabara – the mecca of anime, manga, and everything otaku. With cosplayers buzzing around and the lively chatter of anime fans, I felt like I was part of something big, something magical.

On that bustling day, I was sucked into the dystopian world of “Guilty Crown” – a world that, despite its bleakness, had moments of beauty that were amplified by the phenomenal music and animation. It was my escape, a guilty pleasure that made me forget about the deadlines, the city rush, and the weight of adulthood.

Guilty Crown Story Summary

Set in 2039, in the aftermath of a deadly viral outbreak known as the “Apocalypse Virus,” “Guilty Crown” revolves around a seemingly ordinary high school student, Shu Ouma. The story takes a dramatic turn when Shu encounters Inori Yuzuriha, a pop idol and member of a rebel group called “Funeral Parlor.” This encounter leads Shu to obtain a mysterious power called “The Power of the Kings,” allowing him to draw out objects known as “Voids” from individuals, which are essentially physical manifestations of their personality traits.

As the story progresses, Shu gets involved in the rebellion against the oppressive government organization, GHQ, that took control during the virus outbreak. The series follows Shu’s journey as he grapples with his newfound powers, navigates complex relationships, and makes tough decisions that could change the fate of the entire nation.

“Guilty Crown” is a story of survival, resilience, and the human spirit. It explores the depths of human emotions, the burdens of power, and the question of what it truly means to be a leader.

Guilty Crown Characters

  1. Shu Ouma: The protagonist of the series, Shu is initially timid and introverted, but his encounters with Funeral Parlor and his possession of the “Power of the Kings” push him to grow and evolve.
  2. Inori Yuzuriha: A famous singer and the female lead of the series, Inori is a member of Funeral Parlor. She appears emotionless at first but becomes more expressive as she spends time with Shu.
  1. Gai Tsutsugami: The charismatic leader of Funeral Parlor. Gai is strategic, confident, and possesses unwavering dedication to his cause.
  2. Ayase Shinomiya: A member of Funeral Parlor, Ayase is a wheelchair user who doesn’t let her disability stop her from fighting. She’s determined, skilled, and forms a close bond with Shu.

Summary of First 5 Books

As “Guilty Crown” is an anime original series, it does not have a book format. The first five episodes, however, introduce the central characters, lay down the setting, and set the plot in motion. We see Shu’s life change dramatically as he acquires the “Power of the Kings,” joins Funeral Parlor, and steps into the world of resistance against GHQ.

My Personal Review/Reading Experience

“Guilty Crown” pulled me in with its stunning visuals and music but kept me hooked with its complex characters and intricate storylines. It has its fair share of heart-stopping action, emotional moments, and plot twists that you never see coming. The character development of Shu is particularly noteworthy, as we see him evolve from a shy, reluctant teenager to a decisive leader.

One moment that stands out to me was the heart-wrenching episode where one of the characters, who I had grown incredibly fond of, met a tragic end. I remember being in that Akihabara cafe, tears streaming down my face, my matcha latte going cold. The other patrons must have thought I was crazy, crying over an anime in public. But such is the power of “Guilty Crown”. It makes you care, it makes you cry, and it makes you cheer for the characters.

Guilty Crown Quotes from the Anime

  1. “I was wrong, kindness is pointless.” – Shu Ouma
  2. “Does a person have to have friends?” – Inori Yuzuriha
  3. “Even if you hate yourself, I’ll be by your side.” – Inori Yuzuriha
  4. “I’m going to change the world.” – Shu Ouma
  5. “We can’t just let the world be destroyed before we get our future.” – Gai Tsutsugami
  6. “Even if it’s a deception, sometimes you need to lie to make a breakthrough.” – Gai Tsutsugami
  7. “The right to use my friend as a weapon. That is the sinful crown I shalladorn. I accept this ‘guilt.'” – Shu Ouma

About the Author/Artist

“Guilty Crown” was produced by Production I.G, the renowned animation studio responsible for classics like “Ghost in the Shell”. The screenplay was written by Hiroyuki Yoshino, known for his work on “Code Geass”, and the series was directed by Tetsuro Araki, who later gained fame for his work on “Attack on Titan”.

TV or Movie Adaptations

“Guilty Crown” was adapted into an anime series that aired between 2011 and 2012. It has 22 episodes, split into two parts – Genesis and Homecoming. The series has also been adapted into a manga, light novel, and even a visual novel game.

Guilty Crown FAQ

  1. How does ‘Guilty Crown’ end?
    • “Guilty Crown” does have a definitive end, but to avoid spoilers, it’s best to watch the series to see how it all unfolds.
  2. Is ‘Guilty Crown’ based on a manga?
    • No, “Guilty Crown” is an original anime series, but it was later adapted into a manga.
  3. Is ‘Guilty Crown’ suitable for all ages?
    • “Guilty Crown” has mature themes, violence, and occasional fan service, making it suitable for older teens and above.

And that’s “Guilty Crown” for you, a roller coaster of emotions, action, and breathtaking animation. Whether you’re in for the music, the animation, or the complex characters and storylines, this anime promises a ride you won’t forget. So go on, give it a watch, and maybe you’ll find yourself as drawn into its world as I was in that Akihabara cafe.