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Demon Slayer Anime

Demon Slayer, or “Kimetsu no Yaiba” as it’s known in Japan, is an anime series that has taken the world by storm. It’s a dark fantasy adventure series that follows the journey of a young boy named Tanjiro Kamado who becomes a demon slayer after his family is slaughtered and his younger sister Nezuko is turned into a demon.

Demon Slayer Story Summary

“Demon Slayer” is set in Taisho-era Japan and revolves around Tanjiro Kamado, a kind-hearted and hardworking boy who supports his family by selling charcoal. Living in a remote mountain, Tanjiro’s peaceful existence is shattered when he returns home one day to find his family brutally slaughtered by a demon, the malevolent creatures that lurk in the shadows and feast on human flesh. The only survivor is his younger sister, Nezuko, who has been transformed into a demon herself.

Struck by grief and despair, Tanjiro’s new reality becomes a nightmare. Despite the horrifying change, he notices that Nezuko retains a part of her humanity, prompting him to set off on a quest to find a way to revert his sister back to a human and avenge his family. His journey leads him to Giyu Tomioka, a member of an organization known as the Demon Slayer Corps, dedicated to eradicating demons.

demon slayer anime wallpaper

After undergoing a rigorous selection process, Tanjiro trains under Sakonji Urokodaki, a former member of the Demon Slayer Corps’ highest-ranking members, known as the Hashira. His training in swordsmanship and the unique ‘Water Breathing’ style pushes him to his limits, molding him into a competent demon slayer.

Upon completion of his training, Tanjiro sets off on numerous missions, armed with a Nichirin Blade and guided by a crow β€” a standard for all demon slayers. Each mission brings him face-to-face with different demons, forcing him to engage in perilous combat where he puts his training and his unique sense of smell to the test.

During his journey, Tanjiro encounters other members of the Demon Slayer Corps, including Zenitsu Agatsuma, a fearful boy who is more formidable than he seems, and Inosuke Hashibira, a boisterous boy raised by boars. The unlikely trio forms a deep bond, standing by each other as they tackle their missions and cope with their past traumas.

“Demon Slayer” also introduces the demon hierarchy, ruled by Muzan Kibutsuji, the first demon who is the source of all others. Kibutsuji’s Twelve Kizuki, a group of powerful demons who serve directly under him, poses a significant threat to the Demon Slayer Corps and becomes a major obstacle in Tanjiro’s quest.

demon slayer anime wallpaper

“Demon Slayer” is a captivating story of resilience, courage, and sibling love. As Tanjiro battles formidable demons, uncovers the mysteries surrounding Muzan Kibutsuji, and strives to protect Nezuko, the story delves into themes of humanity, sacrifice, and the will to persist against overwhelming odds. It’s a heart-rending, adrenaline-pumping tale that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Demon Slayer Characters

  1. Tanjiro Kamado: The main protagonist, Tanjiro is a kind-hearted and determined boy who becomes a demon slayer to avenge his family and save his sister.
  2. Nezuko Kamado: Tanjiro’s younger sister, Nezuko was turned into a demon during the attack that killed their family. Despite her transformation, she manages to maintain a sense of humanity.
  3. Zenitsu Agatsuma: A member of the Demon Slayer Corps who is always scared and often cries, but is very powerful when he falls asleep.
  4. Inosuke Hashibira: Another member of the Demon Slayer Corps, Inosuke is a wild and boisterous boy who was raised by boars, hence his animalistic combat style.

Summary of First 5 Books

The first five books of the series set the stage for the epic journey of Tanjiro. They cover his initial training as a demon slayer, his first few missions, and the introduction of key characters like Zenitsu and Inosuke. The books also delve deeper into the mystery of the demons and the tragic backstory of Tanjiro’s family.

demon slayer anime wallpaper

Demon Slayer Reading Order of Titles

  1. Book 1 – Cruelty: The tragic story of Tanjiro’s family is revealed and his journey as a demon slayer begins.
  2. Book 2 – Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki: Tanjiro begins his training under the former Water Hashira, Sakonji Urokodaki.
  3. Book 3 – The Test: Tanjiro faces the final selection process to become a demon slayer.
  4. Book 4 – The Final Selection: Tanjiro’s first mission begins as he enters a town where girls have been disappearing.
  5. Book 5 – To Hell: The mission continues with Tanjiro facing a demon who has a personal connection to his mentor.

My Personal Review & Reading Experience

As an anime enthusiast living in Tokyo, I’ve seen my fair share of anime series, but Demon Slayer stands out for its compelling storytelling, stunning visuals, and well-developed characters. The series does an excellent job of balancing intense action sequences with emotional depth. The bond between Tanjiro and Nezuko is heartwarming, and the series isn’t afraid to delve into darker themes, making it a captivating watch.

demon slayer anime wallpaper

Notable Quotes from the Demon Slayer Series

One quote that really stuck with me from Demon Slayer is: “The bond between Nezuko and me, can’t be severed by anyone!” – Tanjiro Kamado. This quote encapsulates the strong sibling bond that is at the heart of the series.

Here are a few more:

  1. “I’ll fulfill my duty, no matter what happens. I’ll protect humanity!” – Tanjiro Kamado
  2. “I can’t let any more children die. I won’t allow it!” – Tanjiro Kamado
  3. “The bond between Nezuko and me, can’t be severed by anyone!” – Tanjiro Kamado
  4. “No matter how many people, you may lose, you have no choice but to go on living. No matter how devastating the blows may be.” – Tanjiro Kamado
  5. “I’ll become a Demon Slayer for my family.” – Tanjiro Kamado

These quotes really capture the spirit of Demon Slayer and the determination of its characters. They’ve always resonated with me and I hope they do the same for you.

About the Author/Artist

The series is written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. Gotouge’s unique art style and storytelling have made Demon Slayer one of the most popular manga and anime series in recent years.

TV or Movie Adaptations

The anime adaptation of Demon Slayer was released in 2019 and has been praised for its animation quality and faithful adaptation of the manga. The series has also been adapted into a feature film, “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train,” which continues the story from where the first season of the anime left off.

Demon Slayer FAQ

  1. Is Demon Slayer suitable for children? While the series is rated for teens, it does contain violent and intense scenes that may not be suitable for younger viewers.
  2. Where can I watch Demon Slayer? The series is available for streaming on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation.
  3. Is the Demon Slayer manga finished? Yes, the Demon Slayer manga concluded in May 2020.

I hope this gives you a comprehensive overview of the Demon Slayer series. It’s a must-watch for any anime fan!

No matter how many people, you may lose, you have no choice but to go on living. No matter how devastating the blows may be.

Tanjiro Kamado

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