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Top 10 Most Adorable & Cute Anime Girls List

With the increase in the amount of anime day-by-day, new characters are being introduced, and as we all know Animes are famous for their cute character design. As the animation quality improves due to technological advances the character designs have become more awe-inspiring. So, today we are talking about our anime list of girls, whether they are mean, represent the kawaii nation well, dangerous, we could all agree they could be adorable too, so without further ado, here is our Top 10 of the cutest anime characters of 2023 (well, so far).

Starting from number 10 we have:-

  1. Emma Brightness
    Emma Brightness is the main female protagonist of the anime called The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter. Emma has stunning blonde hair adorned with ornaments and she also has beautiful green eyes. She can be described as a girl brimming with a maiden’s adorableness. Emma is more mature and sensible than most girls and boys. Her mature personality attracts the kindness of people towards her. emma brightness

(Image From Crow’s World of Anime)

Emma has a kind and caring personality as she treats everyone equally with a kind heart. She is extra caring towards Noir Stardia, the male protagonist of this anime.

Emma and Noir are childhood friends. Even though Emma is a baron and Noir is a baronet. They both used to work as librarians but when Noir lost his job she also resigned to support him. This act proves the fact she is extra caring and kind towards Noir.

She has a very charismatic and charming personality which makes the fans adore her.

  1. Elizabeth Liones
    Elizabeth Liones is the main female protagonist of the anime series called, The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement. She is the third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones and the current reincarnation of the goddess known as Elizabeth. She has long pretty silver hair with light blue stunning eyes. She is described as a noble and n elegant young girl. Elizabeth Liones

(Image From CBR)

She has a pleasant and kind-hearted nature as she always takes care of injured and helpless people. She meets Meliodas, the commander of Seven Deadly Sins, and asks for his help to save the Kingdom of Liones, Meliodas being impressed by her determination agrees to help her.

Elizabeth Liones possess the powers of a goddess so every time she uses her powers her eyes turn orange indicating the soul of a goddess which resides inside her body. She is always determined and willing to sacrifice herself for the safety of her beloved ones. She is quite popular among the fans due to her cute character and personality.

  1. Shuna
    Shuna is a supporting character in the anime series called, That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime Season 2. She was the princess of the Ogre tribe but her village gets destroyed by Orcs. Shuna and the surviving members of the Ogre tribe get saved by Rimuru Tempest, the main protagonist of anime. When Rimuru fully recovered from his sleep mode within three days and they all got evolved from “Ogre” to “KIjin”. Shuna

(Image From We Heart It)

Shuna has stunning pink hair with deep crimson eyes. She is described as a gentle and kind girl due to her upbringing as a princess. She always wears a white “Kimono Dress” which she made for herself.

She shows affection and respect towards Rimuru as he saved her family when they were in grave danger. Rimuru nicknamed her “Oni Princess”.

Shuna becomes the first economic advisor of the Jura Tempest Foundation cause of her excellent skills as an economic strategist and a weaver.

Shuna is loved by her fans due to her cute character design, adorable behavior with awe-inspiring horns which give her character a unique look.

  1. Shera L. Greenwood
    Shera L. Greenwood is one of the female protagonists of the anime series called How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω. She belongs to the elf race, famous for their archery skills, beauty, and pointy ears. Shera L. Greenwood

(Image From Wiki Fandom)

Shera has long lush blond hair with stunning blue eyes and her cute prominent elf ears. She has an energetic and slightly dorky personality. Shera was born as a princess of the Greenwood Kingdom but after the death of her elder brother, her other brother targeted her so she left the kingdom to gain freedom.

She summons Diablo, the male protagonist of anime with her friend. Diablo saves her when she gets targeted by her brother again.

Shera is quite popular in the community. She is loved by fans because of her adorkable actions. Her personality and beautiful character design make her a contender for a perfect waifu.

  1. Nino Nakano
    Nino Nakano is one of the main female protagonists of the anime series named The Quintessential Quintuplets which recently got a second season. She is one of the Quintuplet Sisters who act as the mother of the family. She excels at cooking and taking care of household work. Nino Nakano

(Image From Twitter)

She has reddish-pink long hairs with twin butterfly ribbons and blue eyes. Nino has a fashionable and social personality as she is always hanging out with her friends. Among her sister, she is the one with the highest hostility towards Fuutarou Uesugi, the male protagonist of anime.

Nino’s character develops a lot throughout the series and she became more diligent and mature. However, like her other sisters, she also struggles with her studies. Her strong subject among all sisters is English.

Fans are obsessed with her tsundere-like personality and her honest emotions. Her true charm lies in her bravery and loyalty to her beloved ones.

  1. Roxy Migurdia
    Roxy Migurdia is a supporting character in the anime Mushoko Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. She is a talented mage with great magic skills. She leaves her village to persist on her own and become an adventurer but due to unstable financial conditions, she starts teaching while traveling and becomes a traveling tutor. Roxy Migurdia

(Image From Youtube)

She has stunning purple hair with blue water-colored eyes and she wears a magician hat on her head. Roxy has a caring and intellectual personality as she is always seeking more knowledge. She becomes the teacher of Rudeus Greyrat and gets impressed by the talent of young Rudeus.

She belongs to the demon race but she was born without the telepathy skill which was quite common in her tribe. This inability is one of the main reasons for her to leave her village because she felt like a misfit.

Her intellect and wise personality is the reason why she is quite popular among the fans.

  1. Aoi Hinami
    Aoi Hinami is the main female protagonist of the anime Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki. She is quite popular in High School and is often regarded as a “perfect existence” because she excels at everything. Aoi Hinami

(Image From Anime Corner)

Aoi has a serious and supportive personality as she always helps people in trouble. She has many friends and her high school life is going pretty smoothly and interesting.

She meets Fumiya Tomozaki, the male protagonist of anime who is a social outcast but considered a “top player” in the online game called “Attack Families” also known as “Tackfam”. Tomozaki gets surprised when he finds out that Tackfam’s actual top-tier player is Aoi Hinami.

Aoi helps Tomozaki to adapt and excel in life. She puts Tomozaki through various trials which will help strengthen his social skills.

Her true charm lies in her supporting personality and kindness for others.

  1. Kyouko Hori
    Kyouko Hori is the main female protagonist of the anime Horimiya with top grades and popularity in high school. Hori has stunning long brown hair with golden-colored eyes and a slim figure. Kyouko Hori

(Image From Youtube)

She has an energetic and hardworking personality as she takes care of household work while studying hard for exams. Hori’s presence in a gathering creates a friendly and calm atmosphere.

However, she is different at her house, while doing housework she doesn’t care about her hair and appearance and mainly focuses on her chores. Hori meets Izumi Miyamura who similarly has a hidden side to himself.

Hori changes the high school life experience of Miyamura as he was a loner before but now he has friends and enjoying his life.
Fans love Hori for her cute characters and hidden quirks which are quite humorous to witness. She is definitely a very well-writtena and adorable character.

  1. Eris Boreas Greyrat
    Eris Boreas Greyrat belongs to the noble family of Greyrat and is the main female protagonist of the anime Mushoko Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. Eris Boreas Greyrat

(Image From Twitter)

Eris has red flame-like long hair with light red-colored eyes and a cute hairband on her head. She has a violent and merciless personality as she always resorts to assault whenever she feels irritated.

She has a talent for Sword fighting as she is always training for betterment in her “God Sword Style”. Eris develops an interest in magic when he sees Rudeus Greyrat’s magic. She becomes his student and starts learning magic from him.

Eris is adored by her fans because of her Tsundere personality and cute reactions in different situations. She is very brave and never gives up.

  1. Miku Nakano
    Miku Nakano is also one of the main female protagonists of the anime series The Quintessential Quintuplets. She is the third among the Quintuplet Sisters who likes “Sengoku Era Warlords” and Japanese tradition and culture.

Miku Nakano

(Image from Pinterest)

Miku has medium length brown hair with stunning voilet eyes and she wears headphones around her neck. She has a shy and pessimistic personality and is always thinking low of herself.

She meets Fuutarou Uesugi, the tutor who helps the sister with their studies. She was the first one to accept Fuutarou as her tutor. Her character develops a lot throughout the series as she now expresses bravery and tries to express her emotion through words. However, Miku also sucks at studies but her strong subject is Social Studies.

She has a very cute character design and a very sweet personality, anyone who will watch this anime will get struck by her charming character.

So this was the list guys, we hope you enjoyed it and found a cute character that you were looking for!

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