Best anime sites to read or watch manga for free!

Looking to read anime and manga online for free? Absolutely, darling! Let’s dive right into these fabulous online nooks where you can immerse yourself in anime and manga to your heart’s content—just pencil in some popcorn and cozy blankets for a dreamy experience. And the best part? They’re all free!

Free Anime Sites

  1. Crunchyroll: This is THE place if you’re in the mood for a vast selection of anime, complete with subtitles. Get your anime fix with their free viewing option. It’s ad-supported, but who wouldn’t put up with a little ads for so much anime goodness?
  2. 9Anime: This one has a broad catalogue of both dubbed and subtitled anime series. It offers high-quality streaming, and navigation is a breezy experience.
  3. Anime Planet : With a gigantic library of more than 45,000 anime episodes, darling, this is your portal to endless entertainment. Plus, it allows you to manage your own anime and manga lists.
  4. Funimation: A paradise for dub lovers, Funimation houses many popular anime series. They’ve got a free option, though you might have to tolerate a few ads.
  5. AnimeHeaven: This website provides a wide variety of anime shows and movies for fans to enjoy for free. It has a user-friendly interface and organizes its content by genre, popularity, and the latest anime episodes​.
  6. Kissanime: Although the original site was taken down, there are several mirror sites still in operation. These sites continue to provide a platform for anime fans to watch their favorite anime for free. It’s recommended to use a reliable ad blocker when accessing these sites, as they often contain numerous ads​​.
  7. AnimeFreak: This site offers a vast collection of anime series that you can enjoy for free with ads. They keep their content updated with the latest anime series and episodes​​.
  8. AnimeDao: This site is known for its clean and straightforward layout, making it easy for users to navigate and find the anime they want to watch. They offer most of their content for free with ads​​.
  9. Chia-Anime: This site provides a good collection of both old and new anime series available for free. Like many other free sites, it supports itself through ads, so be prepared for that​8​.

Free Manga Sites:

  1. MangaDex: Oh, this one’s a delight! Easy on the eyes layout, no distracting watermarks, and a hustling, bustling community for you to indulge in lively discussions. MangaDex offers a vast range of manga from various genres, and allows users to upload their translations.
  2. Manganelo: The wide collection of manga here will keep you entranced for hours. Plus, the easy-to-use interface makes your manga exploration much more delightful.
  3. VIZ: Known for publishing some of the most popular manga series, VIZ offers free chapters of some manga. You can read select titles from their Shonen Jump library every day for free.
  4. Manga Plus by SHUEISHA: This is an official platform from the publishers of popular magazines like Weekly Shonen Jump. It offers simultaneous publication with Japan and includes a good mix of new and popular titles.
  5. Comic Walker: This free site offers a variety of manga genres. Although the selection is not as extensive as some other sites, it is still a good source for free manga.
  6. Comico: Although originally Japanese, Comico offers a variety of manga in different languages. It also offers “webtoon” style manga, which is read vertically. You will find a decent collection of Manga, including many exclusives.
  7. Mangakakalot: Known for its large collection of manga, this site is a favorite amongst manga readers. The site is free to use and includes a variety of genres.
  8. MangaHub: This site offers a large selection of manga and updates regularly with new chapters. It also has a user-friendly interface and includes a feature to bookmark your favorite manga.
  9. MangaPark: Known for its user-friendly layout, MangaPark is a popular site among manga readers. It updates frequently, so users can often find the latest chapters of their favorite manga here.
  10. MangaReader: Similar to MangaPanda, MangaReader offers a vast selection of manga and includes some popular titles.

Remember, while these platforms offer free content, supporting the creators who bring our favorite stories to life is always a fabulous idea, darling. So, whenever possible, buy an official copy or pay for a subscription. Supporting the anime and manga industry keeps the magic alive! Now, buckle up and set off to your dreamy anime and manga marathon!

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